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3 Best Solar Heaters for In-Ground Pools 2018 [The Definitive Guide]

In this buying guide, we are going to reveal 5 important factors of selecting the right solar heater for your inground swimming pool. Given these factors, we will review each of our top 3 solar heaters sold online.

Swimming for a lot of people is the perfect way to cool off after a long hot day. But have you ever timidly dived into a freezing cold pool during a winter period? If your answer is a definite yes, then you know how brutal that experience is.  You must be wondering if there is anything you could do to make your pool useful during the winter period as well since it is almost a suicide mission to swim in an ice-cold swimming pool during the winter. There is actually a solution to your problem, and the solution is called a solar pool heater.

Imagine having a device that harnesses energy from the sun, then uses that energy to heat your pool so you would be able to swim in it in cold weather? Absolutely fantastic. Setting up a solar pool heater in your pool makes sure that you’ll never have to swim in an ice-cold pool again. The best solar heaters for swimming pools are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Besides, these pool heaters emit no toxicity and they provide great value for money, making them perfect for a lot of people.

solar heaters in-ground

A solar pool heater is suitable for both above-ground and in-ground pools. If you are looking to make an investment you will never regret, then purchase a pool heater. If you are looking to purchase one for your private pool, you need to buy the right one for your needs. In this article, we have put together a list of our top picks for the best solar polar heaters on the market. With that in mind, we are confident this guide will help you find the ideal product for your pool.

SunQuest [4 Panels]Up to 10°F
(Up to 6°C)
0.6x3.66 m
5 stars
Smartpool S601P[One Panel]
1.2x6 m
3.5 stars
Sun2Solar[One Panel]Up to 10°F
(Up to 6°C)
0.6x6 m
3 stars
- Best Solar Heaters for In-Ground Pools [2018] * The above ratings do not indicate Amazon's customers ratings

What Makes a Good Solar Heater

Brands are too many and the models are too plenty. That being said, buying a solar pool heater for your home is a quite complicated affair. If you are confused about the things to consider before buying a solar pool heater, check them out below.

Number of Panels Relates to Pool’s Size

The number of panels is probably the first thing you must take into consideration when buying a solar pool heater. The measure of energy a solar heater can derive from the sun is often determined by the number of panels the heater has or the wideness of the panels. While the bigger the better is always the case when it comes to solar panels, ensure you have the required space available.

Temperature Increase Is King

Probably the most important factor you must check before buying a solar pool heater is the temperature. Needless to say, that’s the reason you are buying the heater in the first place. A normal solar heater will raise the temperature of your pool by 5 to 10 degrees. However, there are some high-end models that can raise the temperature of your pool by 15 degrees.

Consider Size and Weight

The size and weight is also a complicated factor you need to consider. Like we mentioned above, solar heaters consume space according to how powerful they are. Unfortunately, you would have to make a compromise on space here. So, do you have a large pool which requires a very powerful solar heater? Make sure you have space.

Don’t Forget About Warranty

Solar pool heaters are costly products, so you can’t afford to be replacing them often. Therefore, you must check if the model you are looking at comes with a warranty. It is even believed that a manufacturer’s confidence in his product is often depicted by the warranty.

Installation [Can You Do It Yourself?]

How easy is it to install the solar pool heater you are looking to buy? This is another factor you must consider. If you are not ready to pay a professional to do the installation for you, then you should definitely find a solar heater that is easy to install. Also, you should check if it comes with the required installation gear so you wouldn’t have to buy any accessories.

Review of the Best Solar Heaters for In-Ground Pools

With different makes and models, choosing the best heater for in-ground pools is always a difficult task. To make your task less difficult, we have reviewed some of the best solar heaters for in-ground pools below.

SunQuest 4-2X12′ Solar Swimming Pool Heater

SunQuest is a terrific manufacturer of solar pool heaters. It’s totally unsurprising that a product from the company takes the first position on this list. Like other great solar pool heaters we have seen from SunQuest before, this 4-2×12’ Solar Pool Heater is also magnificent. That should explain why it is rated 5 stars by customers on Amazon.In-Ground SunQuest Solar Pool Heater

This excellent solar heater comes with all the necessary things to get started, which isn’t surprising considering its very expensive price. Unlike some other heaters on our list, there is no need to buy any kit for installation, making the installation process extremely easy for new users. However, you will have to buy piping separately.

Furthermore, this solar heater pumps the water in the pool through the panels and utilizes the heat that has been harnessed from the sun to warm the water in the pool. It is ideal for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. Impressively, this solar heater from SunQuest is capable of increasing the water’s temperature by 10 degrees or thereabout.

If you are in search of a functional, all-inclusive solar heater, then you shouldn’t look any further than the SunQuest Solar Pool Heater. It comes with premium solar panels that are assembled and arranged like a photovoltaic array. From there, these solar panels can start increasing your pool’s temperature in less than one hour. This solar heating system is very efficient and very easy to install.
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Smartpool S601P Sun Heater Solar Heating System

When you talk about things related to swimming pools, it is almost impossible for you not to mention Smartpool. Over the years, they have shown great expertise in the manufacturing of everything related to pools. On the evidence of this S601P Solar Heating System, their reign doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Built from heavy-duty polypropylene, the Smartpool S601P Sun Heating System is specially designed to provide optimum performance. It utilizes a polypropylene heat collector and 80 square ft. of solar panels. In other words, if you are looking for a larger swimming pool, then this is the perfect option.

SmartPool Solar Heater

It can be a little difficult to install the S601P Solar Heating System compared to some other heaters out there. This solar heating system, however,  makes up for it with durable and sturdy construction, which allows it to perform like a beast when it is installed. With its ability to inexpensively and passively increase the temperature of your pool by around 10 to 15 degrees, this incredible heater from Smartpool is arguably the best solar heating option on the market.

With its incredible durability, high efficiency, and great affordability, nobody would turn down the chance of owning this solar pool heater. In fact, if it’s well installed and maintained, it will surely prolong your swimming season. Read More On>> Amazon

Sun2Solar Ground Mounted Heating Solar Panel System

Sun2Solar is a company whose name we seldom hear. It is understandable if anyone is raising an eyebrow about the inclusion of their product on this list. However, this list is based on merits, and this excellent Ground Mounted Heating Solar Panel system totally merits its place on this list. Made of flexible, durable, and lightweight polyolefin, the Sun2Solar Ground Mounted Heating Solar Panel System is an ideal solar pool heater for the winter season.

Sun2Solar solar heater Installation

Sun2Solar solar heater Installation

The heater transfers maximum heat to the water in your pool, due to the tube design of the panel. With sufficient sunlight and warm temperature, this solar heater will increase the temperature of your water. Your filter system and pools pump circulate water through the panels when it’s heated and the water is returned to the pool afterward. If you are looking to get more power from your heater, you can add additional panels.

If you want the panels to be very effective when ground mounted, ensure they are positioned at a 45-degree angle to the sun for optimum heat collection. Also, the installation process is easy and all you need are clips or straps to secure them to the ground or a solar panel. The product also comes with a by-pass valve which will enable you to send the water around the panels. For optimum efficiency, it is recommended to use a solar cover. Read More On>> Amazon

Our Top Pick

The kind of solar pool heater you eventually buy will largely depend on what your swimming pool is like and your needs in general. However, ensure you check the important factors such as the ones we discussed earlier in the article and you are sure to choose the right one for your needs.

All our picks are excellent performers, so it is somewhat difficult for us to choose one of them as the clear winner. However, we highly recommend the SunQuest 4-2X12′ Solar Swimming Pool Heater [Amazon Link] due to its excellent performance. Besides, it comes with installation kits, making the installation process simple. If you can afford it, you should definitely go for it.


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