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5 Best Home Solar Kits [Buyer’s Guide]

Solar panel kits are your key to installing renewable solar energy projects in your home. They are used in a variety of applications at home to power freezers, water heaters, TVs, and other electronic gadgets. They are further used in off-grid applications such as camping. These solar kits are becoming popular due to their cost-saving options on utility bills and their sustainability. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly. So it’s worth to buy the best home solar kit.
To make your shopping an absolute breeze, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide with carefully handpicked solar kits that could meet your needs. Coupled with our reviews are the comparison table and the buyer’s guide.

PhotoSolar Kit NameDaily outputTotal
Renogy – 400 Watt2000Wh89 lbs.
40.4 Kg
HQST – 400 Watt2000Wh23.7 lbs.
10.7 Kg
Komaes – 400 Watt2000Wh79 lbs.
35.8 Kg
WindyNation – 400 Watt1600Wh94 lbs.
42.6 Kg
Grape Solar – 400 Watt1,200Wh107 lbs.
48.5 Kg

Top 5 Home Solar Kits Reviews

Renogy – 400 Watt – Best Solar Kit for Your Money

Renogy is no stranger in the solar power systems market. Renogy 400W 12V Solar Kit is a portable solar bundle kit suitable for grid-tied or off-grid applications. But it is most suited for off-grid applications where you can go camping or spend multiple days in the sunny outdoors. Using this solar kit in your home should help you save more on utility bills.

In the package, you will find the 4 Renogy 100 watt monocrystalline panels which perform efficiently compared to polycrystalline panels. Included are the 30A PWM (Pulse With Modulated) charge controller, 9-inch MC4 connector adaptor kit and 3 pairs of branch connectors for a parallel connection.

What’s missing among these components is the inverter. Again, although the kit requires a close-by connection of the controller to the panels, you may need additional wiring or extension cable in some situations. The battery is also not included.

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HQST – 400 Watt – Best Value for Investment

With HQST 400 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel kit you can arm your RV, boat or your small house with reliable energy. This kit comes with almost all the components you will need to install. These include the pre-drilled holes, z-brackets and all other mounting components such as bolts and nuts. It makes your installation a cinch and thus negates the need for an installation company.

The daily output is 2000Wh which is enough to power a wide range of appliances both off-grip and in-grid. But this depends on available sunlight. Compared with the above product, this one performs fairly below because it is a polycrystalline panel compared with the efficient monocrystalline. However, the charge controller is more effective because MPPT performs better compared with the PWM.

With this solar kit, you can power a half-way full 100Ah battery within one and a half hour if there’s more sunlight available. It’s a great investment to have this solar kit with its quieter power production. The other components included in the package include the 40A MPPT LCD charge controller, 20 feet 10 AWG adaptor cables, four 100 watts 12-volt polycrystalline panels, 4 sets of Z-brackets, 4 nuts, 4 washers, 4 short bolts, 4 spring washers, and 8 long cap bolts.

The additional purchase you need is that of the inverter and the battery. For this product, the manufacturer is giving away 25 years of power output warranty, 1 year of workmanship for the accessories and 5 years of material and workmanship warranty on the panels.

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Komaes – 400 Watt – Best Affordable Solar Kit for Home

Komaes 400 Watt Solar Starter Kit features the efficient 24-volt monocrystalline panels which are powerful than the previous 12-volt panels we reviewed above. But its 20A PWM charge controller is not really the best when compared with the aforementioned. Nonetheless, the kit is worthy of investment to power your small home and for off-grid applications.

Included in the package are the charge controller, 20ft MC4 Connectors, 20ft Tray Cable, four 400 watts monocrystalline panels, and mounting z-brackets. To power your household appliances, you will need an inverter to convert the DC to AC.

The panels can withstand storms up to 5400 Pa and strong winds up to 2400 Pa while performing outstandingly in low lights. Given sufficient sunlight, it can fully charge a half-way full 50Ah battery in an hour.

The anodized aluminum frame protects against corrosion which lengthens the durability of the panels. With the 25 years of warranty, you can rest assured that any the manufacturer is serious about quality. The solar kit is easy to install with the pre-drilled holes and all the mounting components included. However, to store more power you will need to purchase the battery separately.

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WindyNation – 400 Watt – Best Solar Starter Kit for Money

WindyNation 400 Watt Solar Panel Kit could be suitable for the beginners in the solar revolution. While it may seem as though it is expensive, it contains the necessary installation components including the 12-volt battery. The kit contains the powerful 1500 watt VertaMax Power Inverter which can readily supply your appliances with the AC power. Whether you travel in boat or camp, this solar kit can be helpful for you.

Included in the package are the 4 pieces of 100watt polycrystalline solar panels, 30-amp P30L solar charge controller, 40ft 12AWG solar cable, MC4 connectors, 1500watt inverter, and all other mounting hardware. There is no other component you would think of purchasing hence the hefty price tag.

On a daily basis, the solar panel will provide 1600 watt-hours to power your electronics which is equivalent to 135 Amp hours. The kit is an investment worth considering for those who want to explore nature’s viable energies in their homes or cabins.

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Grape Solar – 400 Watt – Best Advanced Solar Kit for Home

Grape Solar – 400 watt is our last products but not the least in quality. It is, in fact, a high-end solar starter kit worth over $900. The price is inclusive of high quality 2000watt PUREPOWER inverter, 35 amp Xantrex charge controller and all other mounting hardware. However, the battery is not included.

The kit was designed for small homes and off-grid applications. It, however, has user adjustable settings on the LCD display. The battery that you need is a minimum of 12 volts. The inverter has USB ports to charge electronics directly.

Design-wise, the solar kit is well thought-out with the anodized aluminum frame to prevent corrosion. There’s no frequent and heavy maintenance you should worry about. In order to optimize its performance, the kit has the 2-diode bypass pre-installed to withstand shades. Installing this solar kit shouldn’t be a mammoth task with a clearly written manual and installation components included.

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Solar Panel Kit for Home Buyer’s Guide

Having wrapped up our reviews of the best solar kit for home, it’s time we delve into an informative buyer’s guide to help you discern the terminologies and make an informed purchase. This buyer’s guide will make you an alert buyer because, oftentimes, the solar technology terminologies make it difficult to purchase the best kits.
Best home solar kit

How to choose the best residential solar panels?

There are several factors to take into account when choosing these solar panels for your residence. Firstly, you have to determine the efficiency of the solar panel and then compare it to the industry’s standard efficiency which ranges from 16 to 18%. The next step could be the assessment of the manufacturer to check its warranties because this reassures you that the product is of top-notch quality. The final step could be the comparison of costs to relative efficiency.

To choose the best solar kit, you must look for the one from a reputable manufacturer, the one with most efficient solar panels, and all other installation components of high quality such as the charge controller, the power inverter, the battery, and mounting hardware.

Understanding terminologies Wattage, Amperage, and Voltage

Voltage, amperage, and wattage are the three most important terminologies you need to understand in solar systems. They will help you know how many volts your appliances require, how many watts each gadget consumes and how many amps they draw. This information will help you in a quest to assess the size of the solar panel and the battery you need.

Voltage refers to the unit of electromotive force that causes a current to flow through a conductor with a resistance of 1 ohm. A 24 volt is more powerful than a 12-volt system.

Amps amperage measures the rate of flow of electric charge. It refers to the amount of charge the appliance draws.

Wattswattage measures the power which is the rate at which the energy is being consumed. One watt equals one joule per second.

External or Internal Battery

Some solar panels come with batteries while others do not. The importance of the battery is to store excess power which you can use later on or take it back to the grid and receive incentives for that. You, therefore, have to purchase a solar-powered battery, minimum of 12 volts usually, to save excess power produced by the solar panel.

How many hours would solar panels take to power a device?

The number of hours that a solar panel would take to power a device depends on the amperage input of the device per hour. It also depends on the size of the battery.

Warranty of solar panel kits

It has become a standard practice that solar panels’ performance would last for a period of 25 years while materials and workmanship last for 5 years. Any product offering warranties below 25 is surely not a good reflection of quality.

How easy is it to install a solar panel system in my home?

With the best solar panel kit for home, you shouldn’t find it difficult to install on your home. You will be cutting extra costs of paying a specialist. Oftentimes, these kits come with installation manual which should direct you. It also includes almost all mounting hardware such as bolts and sets of z-brackets.

How much does it cost to maintain a solar panel?

The solar panels do not require frequent maintenance. Usually, there could be an annual inspection of the performance which could cost around $150 and the scheduled cleaning which could cost around $10 to $20 if you hire a professional company. You can do the work on your own and save.

Wrap up!

This marks the end of our best solar panel kit for home. We have selected the best products on the market that include almost all the components you need for installation. But some do not include the batteries which you can purchase separately. The minimum should be 12 volts. Solar panel kits are expensive. That said, you need to be vigilant of your choices. The buyer’s guide can help you with that decision.

While all our solar starter kits are the best on the market, Renogy 400W 12V Solar Kit (Buy on Amazon) proves to be the best considering its features. It has a daily output of 2000wh and contains the best performing monocrystalline panels. The brand itself is well-known for its quality solar panel kits to accommodate even the beginners in the market. Moreover, the product’s 4.6 rating reassures you that it is indeed people’s brand.

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