Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme Weather Conditions Effects on Solar Street Lights


Currently one of the most pertinent trends in the energy sector is solar power which is not only one of the amazing sources of energy in homes or businesses but is also renewable. In fact, as per the studies, more than half a million solar panels were installed every day with China leading at the forefront in installing two wind turbines every hour. The utilization of solar power has made people’s life very easy. However, the question is whether the solar panel street lights can perform in cold weather conditions where the days are short, and the snow blanks out the area preventing the rays to reach the earth. What are the extreme weather conditions effects on Solar street lights?

It is noticed that cold weather conditions do not have an impact on the efficacy of the solar panels. In fact, the performance of the panels is equally good in colder climates. 

Let’s take a look at the following concerns:

Solar panels do not get adequate heat in extreme weather conditions

Solar or PV cells convert sunlight into electricity, this means the solar panel work as long as there is sunlight.  But the solar panels get overheated in the overly hot weather conditions, it is like having a person runs 3 to 5 miles on a sunny day. The result is a person can end up tired and dehydrated. Solar power works more effectively if the weather is pleasant, and even if you are staying in cold weather conditions, you can have a solar heater installed. This means Solar panels work in the same way in both the hot as well as in cold weather conditions.

Performance of solar panels when there is a snowfall

So, what happens if it snows? People residing in the places where they have to witness snow are generally doubtful on the efficacy of the solar panels. But the issue is not as much serious as you think. As snow is light and fluffy in texture, solar panels can withstand the snowfall. Snow easily slides off or melts down before it obstructs the solar panel performance.  Even if snows completely block the panels, these can be easily cleaned or call a professional to clean the snow and keep on utilizing the solar energy.  The albedo effect that is created by snow can also be one f the biggest contributory factors for solar panels to generate more electricity. The smooth surface of the snow tends to reflect light.

However, solar panels need to be maintained: Follow the tips below to get maximum utility of your solar panel.

Position the angle of the solar panel at a higher level

As the winter approaches, the sun gets lower. What you need to do in this case is tilt your panel at a higher angle which could enable it to get maximum energy during the sunny days. You need to make sure that solar panels are facing South during cold winter conditions.

Do not rake off the snow

In case the panels are completely covered with snow, give some time for it to melt and slide off on its own. You can also hose it with some water allowing it to melt. Do not try to rake off the snow as you can end up causing damage to the panels.  Once the snow has started to slide off, you can then get a solar panel rake to clear the remaining snow or call a professional to clean the solar panels.

You do not have to stay in the hot climate zone areas to avail the benefits of the solar panels. Germany gets an equal amount of sunshine as that of Alaska. Yet it has been leading at the forefront in solar panels installations.  Germany and now China has been utilizing solar energy as the main source in their national energy mix. Germany is the best example to show how a cold weather condition does not pose any obstacle on the solar panels.              

If the governments are thinking to reduce the impact of global warming, decrease the effect of carbon footprints, it is best to install solar panel street lights and stay safe, and healthy.


This article shortly describes how solar panels operate even in cold regions.  There is no impact on the efficacy of the solar led street lights even if it is snowing. However, there are certain tips that you need to apply, which are described in the article above, and use solar power to illuminate your life.

By Sam Vshisht

Sam here and working as a freelance writer with an active interest in various lighting products. From last many years I am working in my friend company as an editor and now I am writing content on solar street lights. I’ve noticed articles on solar led street light are particularly popular these days and solar street lights highly beneficial in terms of energy efficiency and saving money on electric bills.  If you need these lights, you can contact a good solar street light supplier.

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