How to select outdoor solar post lights to give an authentic touch to your garden and paths?

How to select outdoor solar post lights
A solar-powered garden lamp

When you are out, you are naturally attracted by the lights and if these are colorful, they enhance the beauty of the surroundings. And now with the solar street light trends, you can have the amazing concurrence of the beautiful effects and cost-effectiveness.  You can find the outdoor solar post lights in many designs and shapes to make an apt choice and as per the surrounding ambiance, Following tips highlight, on the way, you select the outdoor solar post lights

Know the type of lighting you require

From a stately estate to an elite class bungalow, these lights add to the character of the backyard or in the front yard. To find out the style of lighting fixture determine the home style and colors which you have used in the exterior of your home basically in roofing, and stonework, etc. Red-colored brickwork and earth tone goes well in solar posts. If your home is of grey or slate tones color, then select the posts with zinc, chrome, nickel, pewter, and black finishes. Remember to have a color combination in proportions.

Number of Lights you need

Before you begin your shopping, find out how much lighting you require.  Calculate by multiplying the square footage of the area by 1.5.  You will get a rough estimate of how much wattage you need. For instance, 100 square feet space needs 150 watts of light.  Select the wattage that best goes with the ambiance and landscaping. If you are opting decorative lights, then less wattage bulb is best. But if you need post lights only for lightening the area after the sun has set, then you must opt higher wattage bulb.

Pay notice of the hue:

As many solar post lights utilize LED bulbs, they emit the bright white light. If you are looking for the incandescent bulbs, opt for solar lights having tinted covers. These lights might appear amber or soft white.

How much bright the light depends on the brightness of the sun and for how long the system is kept exposed to the sun. It also depends on the photovoltaic cells and the size of the LED bulb.

Photovoltaic cells are of high quality and use larger LED bulbs which might cost you more

Plan in advance while selecting fixtures

Measure the space to get the appropriate size fixtures. Also make sure to choose a sturdy lighting system, one which is made of high-quality and weather-resistant materials.  Also determine the size of the posts, whether these should be short or tall.  Tall size posts with the narrow home will look better in a townhome

Fix LEDs

LEDs utilize less energy than halogen or incandescent bulbs, and also do not require much maintenance, so you do not need to change the bulbs quite often.

Consider buying the Bulbs made of frosted glass

Many of us would consider having the bulbs made of clear glass but we require bulbs made of frosted glass. These frosted glass type bulbs amplify light, so less wattage bulb works well and also saves energy. Another reason is that they do not require much cleaning, as the frosting impact hides dust.

Dig the posts deep

If the post lights are installed to enlighten driveway or to offer an accent point of the yard, make sure that it is tall and it can be installed one foot deep inside the soil and it is large in size.

Find out UL rating

Decide which UL rating you require to create the lighting effect. The UL rating decides which kind of moisture condition is there for outdoor light fixture and which can be located in a damp or wet area. The lighting fixtures that are considered as UL Damp should not be exposed to the wet weather conditions. But can be fixed in the partial or fully covered areas. While the UL wet rated fixtures can be exposed to any weather, like rain, storms, etc.

However, the type and style of lighting that are required depends on the landscaping, architect of the home, and personal choice. There are ample of styles and designs like sleek ones to rustic or something so classic and ethnic.  You can also choose lights of any material that impacts the lighting like brass, copper, aluminum and even copper. With these tips in mind, you can create a wonderful ambiance.

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  If any type of house we have, we can enhance its beauty by the beautifully designed and proper lighting system. However many of us are puzzled while deciding the type and design of the light we should select. The following article will help ease our worry in choosing the right lighting pattern.

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