Ways To Save Energy

Proven Ways to Save Electricity at Home[Top 10]

Considering the high bills that we all have to pay on electricity, it is no wonder people have started to become more interested in finding new and bright ways to save electricity at home. Among those that are eager to reduce their electric bills, there are the environmentally concerned people.

Needless to say, the rising concern with the effects of excessive energy consumption has on the environment, cannot be neglected.

In other words, the truth is that energy saving plans are necessary because they bring numerous benefits: friendlier bills, a cleaner environment and a sustainable future for the next generations.

We cannot create Energy but we can destroy it. Save it!

How can you actually achieve this?

There are plenty of ways to reduce energy consumption at home. In this article, however, we are going to list the top 10 simple ways to put into practice.

#1. Turn Off Appliances You Don’t Need:

Energy Saving Method #1

There are times when you leave your appliances turned on even when you don’t need them. Sometimes it could be your fridge, freezer, TV, air conditioner, heater and especially your computer or laptop.

To simplify your control over some of your appliances and to make their maintenance easier, you can make use of a strong and regulated electrical cord power strip. Using a power strip for 2 or more of your appliances means you need only to turn off the switch on your power strip and all your appliances which are connected to it goes off automatically too.

#2. Insulation:

Energy Saving Method #2

Insulating your roof, loft, ceiling, walls, doors and especially your attic can save you a lot of energy consumption. Fridge, water heaters, and air coolers are usually the highest energy consumers in a house and there are simple things you can put in place to help you insulate them and prevent energy from escaping.

Insulating your water heater by covering it with a simple insulation jacket cover can help. And for walls, making a mini library by stacking up books or by resting a wardrobe against your walls also goes a long way. If you have weather strips in place check them regularly for worn out parts, replacing them will prevent leaks.

#3. Energy Saving Bulbs and Appliances:

Energy Saving Method #3

Sometimes you might get some sort of sentimental attachment to some of your household items. It might be a gift from a family member or it might remind of some special memory. While it is not advisable to forget some good old thoughts it is still time to let go of your old appliances.

Exchange them for newer energy-saving models. Nowadays a lot of global warming conscious manufacturers put in good time and effort into producing special energy-saving appliances, there are even lamps and globes that use up little energy.

Using dimmer lights puts you in the right mood and saves up, and turning the lights completely off when you don’t need them is an act to imbibe. So when you are leaving a particular place or leaving the house and the light is not needed then turn them off.

Sometimes we might forget to turn off security lights and they shine brightly all day long since they are meant for security they are to provide light only at night. If you can set a timer for them all the better.

#4. Turn Off Running Water When Not In Use:

Energy Saving Method #4

Almost everybody is guilty of this. We tend to keep the water running till we are done brushing, shaving or washing. Sometimes we use up a lot more water than necessary when rinsing, this can be helped by using just enough detergent so it is easy to rinse. Water saving means less water to heat and less use of water pumps.

After a few years of use, our faucets, shower heads, and taps tend to drip or leak, leaving this unattended to wastes a lot of litters of water an hour, so imagine what a wastage this brings when left to run for days. Being mindful of this not only saves you electricity bills but also has an effect on the ecosystem in general.

#5. Manage Your Thermostat:

Energy Saving Method #5

Controlling your thermostat could save you a lot of money. If your thermostat is electrically controlled you can increase it by a few degrees during the summer seasons and you should also reduce it during the winter seasons.

#6. Use Faster Appliances:

Energy Saving Method #6

Latest models and brands use half the time it would take an older brand to get the job done. Making use of a microwave to heat up food is faster than using a stove or cooker. 

Similarly, allowing frozen food thaw naturally before cooking it makes your kitchen time faster. Using an induction cooker is another step in the right direction.

You can also save energy by not cooking every time, funny as it may sound. Having a meal of greens, salads, and fruits mean lesser cooking times and healthier eating habit.

#7. Install Solar Panels:

Energy Saving Method #7

This cannot be overemphasized. True, it might take some time for you go get back your initial investment made on installation and purchases, but once installed you reap the benefits without end and you are good to go.

These panels take energy from the sun and use it to produce heat and light for your home. Some pools also have solar covers which help reduce water loss and increases water heating when needed.

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#8. Install Windmills:

Energy Saving Method #8

This option might not be available for most people. But if it is, you should consider this as a good source of energy. It is part of green technology. It is an act of helping the planet help you.

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#9. Run Full Loads:

Energy Saving Method #9

It would cost you the same amount of energy to wash half a load of clothes to also wash a full load of clothes. Same goes for dishes.

Having a little patience till you are all set to run a full load rather than half, sucks in less energy and does the job just as you would expect it to.

#10. Air Drying:

Energy Saving Method #10

When we wash the dishes or wash our clothes it is not really necessary to use a dryer for them. Leaving them in the hands of nature and allowing fresh air to do the work helps a lot. The air is free, so you can as well make use of it.


Apart from all what you have just read through, there are some other things that you can do to make a difference in saving electricity bills. Using a smaller shower head reduces the amount of water that rushes out at a time. Using light reflective paint in your home also helps to trap in heat. Bringing down the curtains and closing your windows retains heat loss and can also be used to prevent heat rays from shining into your home.

All these and more are the little things you can do to create a huge difference in the way your electricity bill racks up.


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