How many offshore wind turbines are needed to power the world’s major cities?

Despite its potential, wind power has largely been overlooked as a source of energy since the Victorian Revolution. Currently, they provide just 4% of the energy the world consumes. And that’s despite researchers suggesting they have the potential to produce up to 40 times more than the total amount being used the world over.

Understanding how much wind power is needed to sustain an area’s needs can be tricky. Thankfully, that task has been made a lot easier with the help of RS Online. They’ve created a useful infographic which highlights how much land mass is required to power some of the biggest cities in the world.

They found:

  • To power Tokyo, there’d need to be an offshore wind farm 485% the size of the city. That means as many as 10,310 turbines being used.
  • To provide enough energy for Mumbai, an area 56% the size of the city was required. This only amounted to 346 turbines.
  • In the case of New York, 481% of the city area was required, with 3,687 turbines in operation.

A large scale renovation, for sure. But is it worth it for a cleaner, more sustainable form of energy? Check out the infographic below to find out more:

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