Solar light hacks

20 Solar Light Hacks That Harness The Power Of The Sun

Are you looking to maximize the performance of your solar lights? Then check out this list of 20 solar light hacks we’ve put together.

1.    Solar Light Tubes

light tubes

Using solar light tubes are a great way to bring more daylight into your office or home. This means you get rid of fake lighting and you can enjoy the sun more.

2.    Use A Mirror

Solar mirror

To maximize how much sunlight your solar panels capture, you can lay a mirror on the ground in front of the panel. Mirrors reflect sunlight onto the panel that would normally just hit the ground.

3.    Use Polished Metal

polished metals

If you don’t want mirrors just sitting around your yard, you can use polished metal instead. It has similar reflective properties.

4.    Charge the Batteries Before Using

To get the most of your solar lights, let the solar lights face the sun for several cycles, discharging them overnight. This will ensure they last as much as possible.

5.    Replace the Batteries

Before you set up your solar lights, replace the batteries. Manufacturers usually use low-quality batteries, which makes it seem like the lights are dysfunctional. Just replace the batteries and it will work out well for you!

6.    Charge Batteries with Your Solar Lights

Speaking of batteries, you can charge batteries for other devices by connecting your battery charger to your solar lights. Might as well get as much energy from the sun as possible!

7.    Take Off the Light Shades

By removing the shades that sit on top of the solar lights as decoration, you can let the panels capture a little more light, which means more energy for you.

8.    Cover the Light Sensor with A Duct Tape

Solar lights usually have a tiny sensor that tells the lights to turn off when the sun comes up. For indoor solar lights, you don’t want your lamps or ceiling lights triggering that sensor, so place a piece of duct tape over the sensor.

9.    Use Solar Lights in Your Chicken Coop

solar lights chicken coop

If you have chickens, using solar lights in the coop can increase their production of eggs. The more daylight the chickens experience — artificial or natural — the more eggs they lay.

10.  Own Extra Solar Lights

If your current solar lights break, die, or get lost, it’s always a good idea to have extra. Keep a few solar lights in storage just in case.

11. Pay Attention to The Soil

Before placing your solar lights, prepare the soil by watering it several hours beforehand.

12. Change the Color

Using a DIY method, you can change the color of your solar lights and potentially increase their battery efficiency.

13. Placing Your Solar Panels

Obviously, you should expose your solar lights and/or panels to the sun, but did you know you should place them where you get 6-8 hours of sunlight per day?

14. Point Your Solar Panels South

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, angling your solar panels to the south will be most efficient (the opposite is true for those in the southern hemisphere).

15. Clean Your Panels

solar light cleaning

Dirt can get on your solar panels, which will block sunlight from getting in. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean your solar panels.

16. Keep Away from The Streets

You’ll want to avoid street lighting, otherwise the street lamps may trigger the lights’ sensor during the day when in fact it’s still night.

17. Proper Storage of Your Solar Lights

Store your solar lights at room temperature, in a place that has some artificial or natural light, and recharge them once per month.

18. Combine the Power of Many Little Lights

solar lights' panels

You can remove the solar panels from several cheap solar lights, connect them all, and make one big DIY solar panel.

19. Put Them in Mason Jars

Solar mason jars

Putting your solar lights inside ball jars can give it a DIY vibe and a summery feel. And it just looks really cool!

20. Attach Them to A Chandelier

solar light Chandelier

You can take any old chandelier, remove the lightbulbs, and fashion your solar lights to the chandelier, giving you a more energy friendly lighting fixture.


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