alcohol cars

What Alcohol Cars Have to Offer You

alcohol cars

Of the many alternative cars available on the market today, the alcohol cars are among the most interesting. These run on a form of energy which has been used for a long time, only not for engines and not for cars. The new alcohol cars are breaking from this convention. They provide drivers all of the power that they would normally find when burning fossil fuels, only through a more reliable and sustainable source of fuel.

The reason why alcohol fuels are so desirable for powering cars is because of the high octane level. The majority of the fuels have the ability to be synthesized. They also have the ability to be used in the current engines already in production. This gives the majority of drivers the ability to try something new whenever filling up their car.


To get alcohol powered cars, you can visit just about any car lot. You will be able to find at least vehicles which operate at least in part on alcohol fuels. Such monikers as Flex-Fuel allow you to find models which will allow you to burn alcohol fuel within the engine. This includes the four kinds of alcohol fuel: butanol, propanol, ethanol and methanol.


One of the big benefits of using alcohol cars is that they are very efficient. They provide you with the ability to fill up less often and pay less for the gas you are getting. The ability to go further on a single tank of gas will appeal to anyone from any socioeconomic background. Even if you are not looking to save the world, you will be able to appreciate saving money whenever you are filling up the car with gas. This is one of the reasons why many businesses have started making the switch to alcohol based engines.


If you are not sure if you trust the alcohol fuels, keep in mind that the majority of gasoline sold on the market today is mixed at least in part with ethanol or one of the other alcohols. The gasoline distributors do this in order to make sure that they can make more money. The price they pay for ethanol is less than they will pay for crude oil. By mixing the two together, they are able to earn more profits. By knowing that you are already using alcohol fuels, it can make it easier to purchase one dedicated to the fuel.


When looking for a vehicle which has the capability to run on alcohol fuels, look for the word Flex. This means that you are buying alcohol cars. Many are able to run on alcohol fuels, gasoline or a mixture of the two. Countries like Brazil have more a wide variety of cars running with this kind of engine. In fact, 88% of the new cars sold in Brazil are flex fuel based vehicles. These are offered from manufactures like Fiat, General Motors and Volkswagen. Buying alcohol cars from recognizable manufacturers provides the confidence you are buying a quality vehicle.


  1. Not very accurate. They run ethanol in gas because they are legally required to. Gas takes you farther than ethanol per unit unless the car is designed to run at a higher compression.

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