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Best Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Typical Polycrystalline Solar Panel

There are different types of solar panels, but in this article, we will introduce Polycrystalline Solar Panel buyer’s guide. Finally, we will be talking about the best Polycrystalline solar panels in the market.

Poly-crystalline or Multi-crystalline -as some manufacturers like to call them- solar panels are quite different from other types of solar panels. In fact, they are made from silicon, and the panel’s wafers are made by melting several remains of silicon together, which explains the eventual square shape of the panel. Therefore, it is easy to recognize Polycrystalline solar panels, as they usually have a shining blue color since that they consist of multiple crystals of silicon.

Capitalists have taken advantage of the growth in demand for the Polycrystalline solar panels by producing so many Polycrystalline solar panels. As a result, consumers of Polycrystalline solar panels are now puzzled as to which Poly-crystalline solar panel they should purchase. With that in mind, this guide aims to evaluate and let you know the best Poly-crystalline solar panel to buy.

Solar energy has evolved from being luxury products to being essential needs. As you are aware, the ozone layer is being depleted daily due to the emission of ozone-depleting substances (ODS), which explains why we need to turn to green energies, and solar energy particularly.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels Buyer’s guide

If you are new to the world of green energy, you might not be familiar with some terms often used when discussing about solar panels. Below are some of the terms we think you need to understand first before plunging into the profound sections of the article.

Efficiency Range

The efficiency range of the Polycrystalline Solar Panel would be appraised in percentage. Accordingly, it is used to show the power of a single Polycrystalline Solar Panel to convert cornered sunlight into electricity. When the efficiency range of the panel is high, it indicates that the panel has a higher ability to convert sunlight into electricity.

Minimum and Maximum Temperature

The temperature is an essential factor to consider before acquiring a solar panel. Therefore, every Polycrystalline Solar Panel usually has a minimum and maximum temperature range. The moderate acceptable range is -40°F(-40°C) for the minimum temperature and up to 185°F(85°C) and higher as maximum temperature.


The weight of the solar panel might be a big deal to consider before procuring a Polycrystalline solar panel especially when you need to install it on the summit of your home. You don’t want to apply too much weight on your roof. The lighter the density of the solar panel, the better for the summit of your homes in which the panel is placed.


This means the lifespan of the Solar panel. The Solar panel would most likely alter the aesthetics of your home so you want to be sure that the solar panel you are buying is of high quality and would last long, thus limiting the number of times you might have to alter your home.


When a company is eager to sell, they would be open to giving assurances for the goods. This is quite common when you buy electronics and appliance such as mobile phones, laptop, blenders, etc. for the seller to give a warranty. The crux of warranty is to bulwark you from buying an item that is faulty due to the act or omission of the manufacturer or because of environmental issues.

Best Polycrystalline Solar Panels

The following table lists the best polycrystalline solar panels from wholesalers and retailers in year 2018
ManufacturerKyoceraCanadian SolarSharpJA Solar
Efficiency Range 16.417.231716.99
Temperature Range-40 °F~194°F
-40 °F~185°F
-40°F~185 °F
Weight42 lb(19 Kg)49.4 lb(22.4 Kg)49 lb(22.2 Kg)50.7 lb(23 Kg)
Warranty10 Years10 years10 years12 years

Here, we will be reviewing the best Polycrystalline Solar Panels. The reviews below were based on all-embracing standards and expectations;

Kyocera KK270P-3CD8CG Solar Panel

Kyocera designers have built KK270P-3CD8CG with wonderful aesthetics. The panel appears in charcoal frame Polycrystalline module. Not to mention that its 16.4 percent efficiency range is just slightly above the average obtainable efficiency range. The panel hatches up to 270 Watts of power, the maximal voltage of 31 Volts and a maximal power current of 8.71 Amps.

There are 60 cells on each panel which are framed with black anodized and coated aluminum frame that is screwed and glued to guarantee higher resistance to corrosion and to maintain longer durability. In addition, the panel is very easy to maintain. Nevertheless, the Kyocera KK270P-3CD8CG also has its own weaknesses which include the fact that the manufacturers are not easily accessible.

Kyocera polycrystalline solar panel models (KT/KK)




Canadian Solar CS6U-335P Solar Panel

The Canadian Solar CS6U-335P which is made in a rectangular form is easy to maintain. A great product of Canadian Solar which was not long ago established in 2001 but has since then grown to develop into being renowned in the production of quality Poly-crystalline Solar Panels. The Canadian Solar CS6U-335P is elegantly designed to not only bait the attention of the consumers but to also glamorize the places where the panels are installed.

Canadian solar polycrystalline

The Canadian Solar CS6U-335P has an efficiency range of 17.23 percent which is above the average Poly-crystalline Solar Panels. It can breed electricity of up to 335 Watts with an output voltage of 42.6 Volts. As far as the snow and wind pressures concern, the panel can withstand noticeable higher pressures up to 5400 Pa and 3600 Pa against snow and wind respectively.

Finally, the panel comes with 10-year warranty which really assures the customer that he is obtaining the fitting product.



Sharp NDAH330 Solar Panel

The Sharp NDAH330 has an efficiency range of 17 percent. The panel is made of Poly-crystalline silicon and tempered glass which make the panel very reliable. The energy output of the Sharp NDAH330 is 330 watts with a maximal voltage of 37.8 Volts.

The Solar Panel can prevail against cold temperature of -40 °F(-40°C) and can also survive hot temperature as high as 185 °F(85°C). The Panel is uniquely designed to clean itself with rainwater and can further be cleaned by the consumer. The Sharp NDAH330 comes with a warranty of 10 years.

sharp solar panels farm –



JA Solar JAP6-72-330/4BB Solar Panel

The JA Solar JAP6-72-330/4BB is uniquely built for Solar Farm network. It has a high-efficiency range of 16.99 percent. The Solar panel is built with an anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface which impedes power loss due to dirt and cinders. The panel is fabricated to still function effectively even in a low light ambiance. The tempered glass which the solar polar panel is built with, makes it very tenacious.

The solar panel comes with a warranty of 12 years which gives confidence to the consumers that the manufacturer would replace any below par components of the panel that is due to the manufacturer’s action or omission or due to the environment.

JA Solar Polycrystalline solar panel





So, the above are holistic reviews of the best Poly-crystalline Solar Panels. Consider the type of manufacturer, the durability, the weight, the price, efficiency range, etc., before buying your next Poly-crystalline Solar Panel. Use the above reviews as a guide and as yardsticks for your next buy. Don’t just buy any random Poly-crystalline Solar panel. Be smart with your spending.

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