Solar panels
The pangs of climate change have been felt and solar power kits are among the easiest ways to conserve energy and limit the emission of greenhouse gases. With what the world is experiencing now, it is important that people do their part for the environment.

Hails in tropical countries

Just this month, there were a couple of reports of hailstorms in tropical country Philippines. It was the first time the country experienced hail. Just a month ago, the country reported its hottest summer yet. It is incomprehensible how a tropical country, experiencing its hottest summer months, was suddenly hit with hail.

Tsunami in Japan

It can be remembered that in March 2011 the world witnessed one of the worst devastation of a country. Thousands of people perished in the tsunami in Japan with a threat of hurting more because of a good number of nuclear power plants that could trigger nuclear leaks that could be fatal to the population.

Various hurricanes in the United States

The United States is the most common area where a hurricane can hit. Hurricane Katrina caused massive devastation in New Orleans and there were a few more reported all over the country. It does not matter if it is a first world country like the United States or Japan, or a third world country like the Philippines, disaster does not choose where it should hit. These disasters are caused by climate change because for a long time people have not been good to the environment, hence, the environment are also taking its revenge on earth.

Solar power

There are many ways to still save the environment. One such way is using solar power kits. For less than $200, one can already get a solar power that can generate at least 45 watts of energy. With this much energy, one can already watch television, use a few lights and use air conditioning. A 45-watt solar panel is just minimal though. The average kits that can power the entire house is about 100 watts. For this much energy, the solar power cost is less than $500. This is just a one-time deal. Calculate the amount of monthly electricity bills that you will be saving on by using solar energy.

Complement with conservation

Just because you are using solar power does not mean you can turn on the television set for 24 hours. If you are not watching television anymore, make sure you turn the set off, conserve energy. Lights that are not used should not be left on. It is also best to turn off the lights during day time. Minimize use of other appliances. There are many areas where you can put the solar power kit. If you have a big backyard, it is the most ideal place. But if you are also conserving on space, the panel can be placed on the roof.

Ever wonder how the kit works when there is no more sun? The kit is actually charging when there is sun, during nighttime, solar power kits work through the stored energy.

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