energ saving ideas for business
Every responsible business owner should try to find new energy saving ideas for business that could reduce the enormous energy costs incurred by the company. Energy saving could reflect on the business’ profitability, and the money thus saved could be invested wisely in the company’s future. Considering the amount of energy needed to sustain a big company where hundreds of employees work from 9 to 5 at the computer, using printers, telephones and electric light, energy saving plans for business are a necessity. Just by saving energy at work, the cost of running a business can be significantly reduced.

Energy saving tips for business:

1. Use equipment wisely

Companies use a lot of equipment in order to function, so if you are looking for some simple but wise energy saving ideas for business, this is where you must start from.  The easiest things you can do is to turn off the equipment at the end of every day or whenever it is not used, reduce paper consumption by printing on both sides or using e-mails for communications instead of printed announces. Whenever you buy new equipment, make sure you choose ENERGY STAR models and energy efficient devices, like laptops instead of desktop computers, and inkjet printers.

2. Bright ideas for energy efficient lighting

Lighting is another problem businesses have. Lighting costs are usually very high for companies, so finding energy saving ideas for business is a must when it comes to lighting. The first thing business owners must do is to make sure all lights are turned off when they are not needed. In some spaces (for example, toilets), installing motion sensor lighting could be a great way of controlling energy waste. Last, but not least, buying energy efficient light bulbs and signs is a necessary investment.

3. Heating and air conditioning – a business cannot run properly if there isn’t a constant temperature inside. Business owners must think both about the level of comfort of the employees and the necessary temperature for the equipment to function normally. That is why there is a tendency of exaggerating with the heating and air conditioning and wasting a lot of energy by doing so. When it comes to temperature control, some energy saving ideas for business include closing doors and windows to reduce heat gain and loss, using shades to prevent the sun from heating the room, keeping room temperatures at bearable levels, without raising or lowering them too much, installing thermostats that regulate temperature in an efficient manner, performing regular maintenance for all heating and air devices, insulating walls, ceilings, pipes and heaters, and investing in energy efficient HVAC systems.


These ideas imply small changes with considerable results. Any energy saving guide for business includes these tips and pieces of advice that every manager must take into consideration. For even more energy saving, owners should consider installing solar systems that offer the most environmentally friendly solution to power consumption. By implementing these energy saving ideas for business, owners can rest assured that their companies do not affect the environment in a dangerous and irreversible way and that money are invested properly.

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